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Dana Draper - Copper Art - Long Scroll & Figure Figurative Paintings

Long & Short Scroll Figures - Much sought-after and hard to find, this form is painted in a traditional style with excellent detail. It is then framed, like any normal painting. Because each is an original creation, no two are exactly alike. This painting is a true treasure and a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition.


Copper is painted with formulated acids to produce natural patinas that etch into the metal. I enjoy working with warm copper colors and seek dimensional possibilities for interior installations.

Dana is one of the few talented artists who have crafted the skill of this "Unique Form" in a modern and western fashion. These works can add to the decor of any room, and fill that typical narrow, and long wall void over a window, arch or doorway.

Artist Statement

"Each individual model brings their personal temperament and energy to the modeling session. My challenge is to capture their essence."

My works may be seen at the Industrial Center Building, 480 Gate 5 Road, Studio # 345B, Sausalito, Ca. 415-383-7213


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