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Deborah Bertola - Abstracts - Still Life - Landscapes

In mid-1990 Deborah left a corporate career in strategic planning to work as a full time painter.

A recent exhibit, sponsored by the 142 Throckmorton Theatre was an opportunity to view her development over the past 10 years; first as a plein air landscape painter, then painting portraits of farm animals, and finally, her recent move to abstraction.

Her teachers over these years, mainly in private lessons, have been Chester Arnold, Paul Bridenbaugh, Stanley Goldstein, Randall Sexton and Barry McCuan.

Her private and group events include: a Retrospective at the Throckmorton Theatre, the NIOCON Designer Show Chicago; Sausalito Women’s Clubs Salon, 2001 and 2005; MarinScapes (annually) (Kentfield, CA); the Redding Museum of Art and History, Falkirk Gallery, San Rafael, CA; The Design Show – Las Vegas; the Bolinas Museum (mini-show) and SFMOMA Artists Gallery. She exhibits in galleries in California, New Mexico, Oregon, and Tennessee.

Artist's Statement

I began as a traditional plein air painter and continue with my great love of this genre. My strength and natural gift is in my use of color and I find this talent most satisfying and always evolving. I also have a lifelong love of nature, and have become an astute observer. In the last few years I have painted in New Mexico, Italy, and France.

My farm animal portraits represent another important area of endeavor. Animals are chosen for their individuality of expression. I photograph each of them and then use the photos to paint in my studio. I am deeply interested in the value of connection between humans and animals and explore this theme in these paintings.

Finally, in recent months I have been painting abstractions almost exclusively. The change was surprisingly abrupt and seemed connected to two accidents in which I was involved resulting in significant, (though temporary) physical limitations. This has been an interesting phase for me. The quality of the painting experience has changed markedly; my intellect is far less involved and I am in a space that I have not previously experienced. I seem to know things that I did not know I knew; the painting comes without my interruption.

I am trying to figure out what might connect all of these works made over the last ten years. I think it is my personal take on color that is always present. And interestingly, this is the one thing about my art and craft that I did not have to learn from others.

As I slowly return to my usual eclectic approach to subject matter, I find that in all of my work I am more confident, and less governed by the left hand side of my brain.


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