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Mimi Chen Ting Abstract Art

Each of us is here in his/her particular place and time for a specific purpose. All of us have the power to contribute to the kind of legacy we choose to leave behind.

I seek the path of the artist. It is a solitary journey in which one is solely accountable for one's success or failure in its purest sense. I like that...  

I love what I do! I am filled with wonder about nature; I am inspired by memories and dreams; I am excited by diversities and potentials. I use the figure and landscape in abstract images to tell stories and ask questions that reflect my personal views and visions.

This is a task embedded with immeasurable responsibilities, which I undertake with cautious exuberance and considerable humility.

I am committed to broadening my awareness, to developing my sensibilities, and to keeping my tools in constant good working order.

A child teaches me the art of counting: "One, one, one, one, one" our noses pointing firmly toward infinity. 

When I enter the studio, I am that child, capable of immeasurable possibilities. Whether I am painting, making prints, drawing, or performing, I thrill at the processes of making marks, and relish the meandering each medium proffers.

Memory, observation, experience, and imagination are my beacons. Grounding my feet firmly in the tangible, my path  is smoothest when I am willing to fall. Along the way, discoveries and resonance abound. I traverse a solitary journey where I simply cannot become lost, where every turn promises an adventure, and each step brings me closer toward home.  

 My works may be seen at the Industrial Center Building, 480 Gate 5 Road, Studio # 315, Sausalito, Ca. 415-435-3270

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